More and more, the burning rumors of two major signings are driving pro wrestling fans wild.  If confirmed to be true, the signings of Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are expected to be a huge game changer for All Elite Wrestling.  Reports have fans salivating at what could possibly be an exciting future for AEW.  In addition, fans have been keeping a close eye to anything in connection to both men from Living Colour’s (Cult of Personality, CM Punk theme song) social media presence to what other talents have to say.

Bryan and Punk are two talents that have done the impossible in pro wrestling.  They are similar but yet exceptionally different.  Both men are insanely talented and live for the business.  Fans heard it in their voice whether it was promos in the ring or interviews.  Both did not have that standard celebrity look, but yet they somehow made it into the WWE history books.  Perhaps they weren’t supposed to make it, but they did and left a lasting impact that is talked about even as the decade has passed.

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Punk chose to walk away from wrestling almost entirely seven years ago.  Disagreements in booking and salary left a bad taste in his mouth after his tumultuous run in the company.  Punk would go on to try MMA with little luck among other things.  Bryan had to retire for two years due to concussion and neck issues.  He returned to in-ring action without missing a step.

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Each time the men stepped in the ring, they put on an exceptional performance.  Backstage gossip aside, Bryan and Punk gave so much to WWE during their time there.  The fans got behind them and was their driving force as they tread WWE waters. It wasn’t easy, but their success speaks for themselves.

With their WWE careers behind them, exploring other options isn’t a bad thing.  Perhaps that time is now to make that jump.  Just look at Chris Jericho.

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With an extremely passionate fanbase behind them, those burning AEW signing rumors will surely ignite a fire that will put pro wrestling on notice.  Bryan’s tumultuous start to lasting legend in WWE is something straight out of a storybook.  Punk never really ruled out a return to pro wrestling, things just had to be right.  Whether that fits Punk’s criteria is anyone’s guess.  The top two men that were WWE mainstays in the 2010s could take AEW to the stratosphere should those rumors be true and confirmed in due time .

It proves interesting as to what plans AEW could have for Bryan and Punk.  With an already stacked roster that continues to grow perhaps it could be hard to determine what would be in store for the two men.  However the creative freedom that the talent has in AEW could work to their advantage in terms of what they want to accomplish in AEW.  For now all the fans can do is patiently wait it out.  It’s the calm before the storm.  Let’s just see what happens.