The long-awaited final season of Castlevania dropped on Thursday and I’ve got some things to say:

Castlevania season 4 review: hard pass

When I tell you I was bored for almost the entire final season…there was so much talking about nothing at all. Just one dramatic speech after another. What was once bloody and intimidating has now been replaced with this notion of how important life is. Instead of a vicious battle between the heroes and the fools trying to bring the most evil creature on the planet back to life, we got a bunch of flat jokes, some “I’m sorry you were right”s, and several mcguffins that made my head hurt they were so ridiculous.


Warning possible spoilers

1. Sypha is regularly getting knocked around even though she is a ridiculously powerful mage
2. Trevor stumbles across not one but two different super weapons that end up changing the whole battle
3. Alucard literally has a new ability every episode he is in but still struggles to beat night creatures
4. Saint Germain turned on everyone just to get dumped (my goodness the side eye I have right now)
5. A fuckin Deus Ex Machina ending to the final battle”

The long-awaited final season of Castlevania disrespected me.  I know the series is based on a video game but this is an anime adaptation. Once you change the media over to television, you’re allowed to adapt the story so that it makes sense. Writing out a poor plot so that you can give everyone a happily ever after ending is gross…gross and boring. I haven’t even touched on the animation style and how they tried so hard to copy traditional anime. You’re a western anime…just be a western anime.

No the fight scenes are amazing. Carmilla and her solo battle with Isaac’s night creatures was one of the highlights of the season. Such a grand, final stand for her crazed ideals. Alucard was just as sexy as he’s always been (I said it and I meant it), Trevor and his whip are still a personal favorite of mine, and Sypha, well there isn’t much for me to say about her without spoiling things. 


That’s my Castlevania season 4 review! I give the whole thing a 5/10. It was beautiful to look at, but I fell asleep multiple times watching it. 

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