This image is the official screenshot of Robots.  According to Blue Sky Studio’s official website under the article “ROBOTS”, Blue Sky Studios, Inc. explains that “the rights, as well as the credit to this image, belongs to Blue Sky Studios, Inc.(3).  This image is on Blue Sky Studio’s official website under the article, “ROBOTS”.

Blue Sky Studios Made a Staple For Itself Within the Animation Industry

In the early 2000s, the animation industry was booming with new animation companies.  Especially with the industry making the slow transition to making fully 3D Animation films.  Sadly, many of these animation companies will eventually disappear.  However, there’s one film that made a stand for itself than all the rest.  This company is Blue Sky Studios with their first film, Ice Age.  This film was a massive success making audiences remember this company. As the years progress, this animation company made other films as well.  Some of which include Spies in Disguise, Robots, The Peanuts Movie, and Ferdinand for instance.  However, the main franchise pushing this company along is Ice Age. Ice Age help make what this animation studio is today.  Then in 2019, things began to change within the company.

According to an article on Deadline’s website under the article “Disney Closing Blue Sky Studios, Fox’s Once-Dominant Animation House Behind ‘Ice Age’ Franchise, Anthony D’Alessandro who’s the Editorial Director states “in 2019, 20th Century Fox was bought by the Walt Disney Company” (2).  This new ownership means that Disney now has access to all of the library and film additions for Blue Sky Studios.  Undoubtedly, this is incredibly huge as this animation company has been making a lot of money within the last few years with Spies in Disguise and The Peanuts Movie.  Unfortunately, on February 10, 2021, an announcement came out about the closure of Blue Sky Studios. How did this happen? Why did The Walt Disney Company make this difficult decision? Let’s find out together.  In this news article, we’re diving deeper into the announcement of the Walt Disney Company closing Blue Sky Studios in 2021.

The Walt Disney Company Made the Hard Decision to Close Blue Sky 

On February 9, 2021, there was an announcement about The Walt Disney Company closing Blue Sky Studios.  According to an article on Deadline’s website under the article “Disney Closing Blue Sky Studios, Fox’s Once-Dominant Animation House Behind ‘Ice Age’ Franchise, Editorial Director Anthony D’Alessandro explains that “due to financial issues with the Covid-19 pandemic, The Walt Disney Company couldn’t keep Blue Sky Studios running” (2).  Essentially, The Walt Disney Company had to make the hardest decision to close all production of this company.  Now, there are two sides to this news. On one hand, Disney does have the right to do this. As they own this studio.  On the other hand, this decision is incredibly difficult.  This company has done so much for the animation industry. Plus, this closure means that several hundred animators, directors, and so many other people are going to be unemployed.

Hopefully, the employers at this studio will be able to work with Disney to receive new employment.  Currently, Blue Sky Studio themselves haven’t made an official announcement of this closure announcement.  With that, it’s still incredibly sad to see a studio that has done so much for the animation industry closing.

Seeing This News of a Well-Known Animation Company Closing is Incredibly Sad

In this news article, we took a deeper look into the announcement of the closure of Blue Sky Studios.  The Walt Disney Company made the announcement about the closure of Blue Sky after financial issues with the Covid-19 pandemic. Seeing this closure announcement, it’s an incredibly sad day for the animation industry.  Not only for the employees at Blue Sky but for how much this company has done for the animation industry.  With Disney owning Blue Sky, there’s no doubt that their films will be put onto Disney+ for other audiences to see. Even with the films possibly heading to Disney+, there are no new films coming from Blue Sky, unfortunately.  Now, audiences are going to have to learn the history of a company that made various amazing 3D animation films.

Let’s Discuss This News Announcement

Thank you for reading this news article.  Now, we want to hear from you guys because it’s discussion time! Are you sad about this closing? What is your favorite film you remember watching from this animation studio? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

As of right now, Blue Sky hasn’t made an official statement about what is happening. So, make sure to follow Blue Sky Studio’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Also since Disney owns 20th Century Fox, make sure to follow the following Disney+’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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