What’s going on fellow Geeks? Recently, Complex dropped a list of the top 50 greatest games for the PS2 console. I agreed for the most part with a decent amount of their selections but overall I felt like a lot of great games were missing. Other games that did make the list I felt like they weren’t in their proper place. So with all of that being said, here is my top 50 greatest PS2 games of all time.

ps2: dance dance revolution

50. Dance Dance Revolution

For a brief moment obesity seemed like a thing of the past when this game came out. The fact that it wasn’t just for the PS2 made it better for everyone to enjoy. No matter what your particular taste music was you could dance and jam out to your favorite songs while striving for the highest score. The hype died down for this game unfortunately but you can still show off your moves in Dave & Busters as well as arcades all over.

ps2: bloodrayne

49. BloodRayne

From the graphics to its graphic nature, BloodRayne gave some of us our sexy vampire fix. The story-line was well done, the main character was hot and it was gruesome. This made the game scary, exciting and steamy all at once. PS2 really did have a decent hold on hot characters now that I really think about i

ps2: simpsons

47. The Simpsons “Hit & Run”

The Simpsons have tried their hands at games quite a few times since it’s inception. No game since the original arcade truly hit (pun intended) the way Simpsons: Hit & Run did. The missions, the spot on character interaction sometimes made you forget this was a game at all. It almost made you feel like you were watching it on Fox like any other Sunday night.

ps2: devil may cry

46. Devil May Cry

Who could forget about a fan favorite like Dante? the DMC franchise is highly popular for good reason. The story-line and game play was so superbly done I wouldn’t be shocked at all if we see another one down the line.

ps2: prince of persia

45. Prince Of Persia “Sands Of Time

How many times have you died in a game and wished you could retrace your steps before that perilous mistake? Prince Of Persia not only heard your prayers, but answered them too. The ability to rewind time put this game in a lane all by its self. It was so good in fact that it spawned two more games not to mention a live action movie.

ps2: hitman

44. Hitman

Such an iconic franchise, Hitman gave you a perfect balance of stealth and complete carnage. It sharpened a lot of our skills with knowing how to get a “job” done. The first movie was a perfect representation of what was done in games from the missions to the costume changes. Even Timothy Olyphant’s walk was spot on. (We’re gonna end right here because we are NOT bringing up that God awful sequel.

ready 2 rumble

43. Ready 2 Rumble

Boxing games come and go. Some stand the test of time like Fight Night but none had an impact like Ready 2 Rumble. The animation was more kid friendly without blood and sweat but it still made for great gaming. The power ups and specials was the icing to this already perfectly made cake.

state of emergency

42. State Of Emergency

Who doesn’t love a game where you’re causing mass mayhem and destruction so you can take down the powers that be. I remember spending a lot of time at my friends house tearing through the mall and destroying stores while fighting the SWAT and cops.


41. Cool Boarders 2001

“Cool Boarders 2001” was great for us punk kids who loved big air and insane tricks. Graphics wise it was really well done and realistic.

That does it for today. I figure 10 a day is way more digestible than 50 so I will see you around the same time and place with the next 10. Let me know which games you agreed or disagreed with.