This image shows Legoshi in an incredibly rough shape.  According to TVアニメ「BEASTARS ビースターズ」‘Credit.’, BEASTARS Production Committee explains that “the rights for this image as well as Beastars belongs to Paru Itagaki,  Orange Co., Ltd., and BEASTARS Production Committee” (1).  This image is on TOHO Animation チャンネル YouTube channel under the video, TVアニメ「BEASTARS」 第2期PV at 1:33.

Major Spoiler Warning for this Trailer Review

Greetings fellow reader. I hope everyone is staying safe during these uncertain times. Before we start on this review, I want to post this little warning. This trailer announcement article will contain major spoilers. This includes the season one finale of Beastars as well as other story elements from season one. If you have yet to watch season one of Beastars, feel free to come back to this review once season one is complete. Viewers can watch Beastars on Netflix. Make sure and go check out this phenomenal anime. However, you do need a Netflix account in order to watch this anime. Thank you for reading this warning and please enjoy this article.

Many Viewers Have Been Wondering About Beastars

For a while now, everything seems to be put on hold.  Especially when it comes to film and television productions.  With the current uncertainty of the pandemic, most if not all entertainment projects have been put on hold.  Regardless, some production companies continue to work.  Even if the work is done remotely.  As more projects are working remotely, many viewers start wondering when certain projects will be done.  One of these projects is Beastars Season Two.  Several months ago, Beastars made its way to Netflix.  Shortly after, this new anime became the most discussed anime on Netflix.  With the amount of animes on Netflix, this news is huge.  Especially since Netflix has an ever-growing number of animes in its library with “Netflix Originals”.  Regardless, Beastars capture audiences with its deep story, three dimensional characters, animation choices, and themes. After the season one finale, audiences were pushing for a season two. 

Particularly with how season one of Beastars ends on such a cliffhanger.  Unfortunately, the COVID Pandemic grew into what it has become.  Many including myself were expecting Beastars Season Two to come out in 2021.  Suddenly, on November 5, 2020, Netflix, and several other Japanese animation YouTube post the Beastars Season Two trailer.  With where the first season ends, are we in for an extremely dark season? Will season two focus more on the main story than character development? Let’s find out together. In this review, we’re analyzing the Beastars Season Two trailer to see how this season could possibly be much darker than the previous season.

Beastars Season Two Picks Up Right After Season One Ends

One thing is perfectly clear, the season two trailer of Beastars paints what the next season will be.  The first things we see in this trailer is two vital points in the season one finale.  Firstly, we see Legoshi saving Haru from the Shishigumi. Then, we see Louis shooting the leader of the Shishigumi in front of the other Shishigumi members.  Right off the bat, this season trailer isn’t holding anything back.  Which is what honestly the season one finale does.  Additionally, we see more elements of the main story line of this anime.  Originally, the story follows a series of murders of herbivores one of which is from the drama club.  Additionally, the whole carnivore and herbivore tension of whether the two can coexist.  However, the main story point seems to disappear within the middle of the season. 

Instead, season one focuses more on character development and world-building.  Now, this type of storytelling isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  This path helps the audience become more invested in the characters within the story.  Especially since Beastars is a character-driven story.  Also, development episodes help establish the world even more.  Which is what Beastars needs giving its incredibly complicated world.  Which is probably why this anime did so well with the first season.  However, Beastars is a manga base anime.  So, having one season focusing on characters drives away from the main story.  Which where season two seems to be going.  Now that the audience is more familiar with the world as well as the characters, the story can truly unfold.  Within this trailer, we see new characters, characters making life-changing decisions, and a much darker tone overall.   

One Thing is Incredibly Clear, Beastars Season Two Trailer Presents a Much Darker Season

Within this season two trailer, we see a number of new as well as familiar aspects.  Since the story seems to be focusing on the murders of the school, a new snake police officer is asking Legoshi questions.  This one character raises several concerns. Is it possible that the police are asking carnivores questions? Perhaps, people are suspecting Legoshi especially since Louis is missing too. As Legoshi tries to find who is responsible for Tem’s death, this trailer shows that Legoshi is going through his own self-doubts.  Is it possible for him to remain passive? This trailer shows a lot of the turmoil Legoshi as well as Louis is going through.  At the beginning of the trailer, one of the students comments that Louis is gone.  Which we see later why he’s gone as he’s suspected to become the possible new leader of the Shishigumi. 

Since Legoshi and Louis have been spending more time together, this would make the most sense that Legoshi would be a suspect.  With Louis possibly being the next leader of the Shishigumi, how is that going to impact his character? He’s a herbivore leader of a notorious carnivore gang.  As Legoshi tries to find who is responsible for Tem’s death, this trailer shows that Legoshi is going through his own self-doubts.  This trailer shows a lot of the turmoil Legoshi as well as Louis is going through.  Honestly, this trailer makes it seem like Legoshi and Louis are going to be the main focus of the season.  Without a doubt, this season two trailer raises several questions for the next season.  Another avenue that shows the change in tone of this next season is the new theme song. 

With this New Trailer, Beastars Season Two Will Be Getting a New Theme Song That Fits the New Season

Beastars Season Two is getting a new theme song.  Now, this isn’t anything new with an anime getting a new song.  Especially since this happens when the story starts to change.  However, this new theme song shows how the tone is changing within Beastars Season Two.  According to Netflix Anime’s official YouTube page under the video BEASTARS Season 2 | Official Trailer | Netflix, Netflix states that “the new theme song for Beastars will be ‘Kaibutsu’ by YOASOBI” (1:141:17).  While this song has yet to have a translation, this new song plays in the background of characters becoming monsters and surviving.  At one point, Legoshi’s closest friend Jack comments on how much Legoshi changes.  This makes me wonder if Legoshi is going to lose himself in trying to find out what happened to his friend, Tem.

At the same time, the audience gets to see Louis’s battle as he’s trying to survive.  The second half as well as the new theme song shows how much darker the next season will be.  In fact, YOASOBI’s composer makes that comment as well.  According to Beastars official website under the article TVアニメ「BEASTARS ビースターズ」’Music’, Ayase who’s the composer of YOASOBI explains “the new theme song of Beastars will demonstrate Legoshi’s thoughts throughout season two” (1).  Essentially, this means that this new theme song shows how the tone is changing with the main characters.  Which shows the significant change coming to this season.  Undoubtedly, all the information audiences got from this new trailer shows a dark path ahead.  These characters are about to face the harsh realities of what is about to come. 

Without a Doubt, Beastars Season Two Will Have Action and So Much More

In this review, we thoroughly analyze the season two trailer for Beastars.  Firstly, we took a look at how this new trailer is focusing on the main story than character and world developing.  Next, we discuss how season 2 is going to be much darker than the pervious season.  Finally, the new theme song will incorporate the changes of tone that the story and characters are showing in season two.  All in all, this new season will be much darker than the first season.  In fact, this new season will show how the characters will progress in the story.  Whether some will live, or die will determine on the characters choices.  Which anyone who knows what happens in Beastars knows choices are everything.  Regardless, this new trailer has made the wait for season two that more painful.  As this season will undoubtedly be the most eventful and darkest yet. 

Open for Discussion

Thank you so much for reading this trailer announcement review.  Now, we want to hear from you guys. Did you enjoy the trailer? Are you excited about Beastars season two? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. 

Additionally, if you want to stay up to date on everything regarding Beastars, make sure to follow the following links.  This includes Beastars official Twitter, Paru Itagaki’s official Twitter, TOHO animation チャンネル YouTube, and Netflix Anime’s official YouTube channel.  All these official links will give all up to date information regarding this series.  Please be advise, Paru Itagaki does post about the manga that’s she’s still writing.  View at your own risk of spoilers if you have yet to read the manga. 

Also, make sure and check out YOASOBI who is creating the theme song for Beastars season two.  Any updates on future projects can be found on their official website, YouTube, and Twitter account.    Ayase’s Instagram who’s the composer of YOASOBI as well as their YouTube page is here.  Lastly, Lilas Ikuta who sings “Kaibutsu” Instagram, Twitter,  YouTube, and official website are all right here. Make sure and check all these amazing individuals out.

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