GSS Advertising Services

Radio  (est. reach 1,000 plays per week)

Example Weeks: 12 *rates subject to change*


Len- Commercial Length in seconds
Spots- Number of times the commercial will run
Rates- Cost per advertising spot
Cost- Rate times the number of spots
GIMP- Gross Impressions (number of estimated listeners during timeframe)

Verbal Mentions- $30 per week

Commercial Creation- $75

Remote Broadcast- $75 per hour

Radio Interview- $50

E-Mail (1,000 contacts)

1-2 weekly e-mails sent w/ company logo, promo, and hyper link- $12.00 per week

Social Media

Increase FB, Twitter, and IG interaction

Increase in customer conversion rate

Increase in social engagement

$150.00 per mo.

GSS Website (5,000 visits weekly)

Logo on footer w/ hyper link-  $25.00 per week

Logo on slider w/ hyper link- $50.00 per week


Verbal Mention $25 per week

Logo on visual content $35 per week

Live Events

Logo on 6×4 Banner

Logo on print media

On Stage Announcements

*Complimentary Tickets

*Table Space

*In-Store Event

*=Varies based on event type