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Geek Street Society is a national multi-media company focused on the coverage of pop-culture news, and music from yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Geek Street Society has several media platforms. The platforms are: The GSS built-in social network, KGSS 24/7 Radio, Live Events, E-News, Live Stream, and Visual platforms. Our goal is to become the #1 source for music and pop culture news in the world! YES! YES! YES! GSS

Our Story

Geek Street Society was created by recording artist, Pressley “Chayne Clouds” Farrell as a facebook group.  The purpose in creating Geek Street Society was to create a platform and escape for hip-hop geeks who weren’t socially accepted, but also knew they weren’t alone to come together.  The platform evolved from a facebook group, to a radio station, to a radio station into a full fledged multimedia company. We believe we can bring all walks of life together whether it be through the love of sports, movies, or video games and anime


We are creators, we are innovators, we are passionate.  Originality is our weapon.  The sky is the limit for a free spirit.

Pressley Farrell aka Chayne Clouds

Chayne CloudsFounder & CEO

Pressley Farrell is a recording artist and the founder of GSS. You can find more information on

Shaun Kettle-McClellan

Marketing Dir. 

Shaun Kettle-McClellan is the Marketing & Consulting Director of GeekStreetSociety. He has been a part of the GSS community for 7 plus years. Shaun graduated from Full Sail University and is a certified Audio Engineer. He also holds a degree in Sports and Entertainment Marketing and Management. During the day Shaun is a multimillion dollar Asset Manager and at night is a dedicated husband and Father. A proud part of the LGBT (transgender) community and a total geek. Shaun geeks out on hours of RPG games, is an avid Pokémon card collector, a board game player and book devourer. Superman and Green Bay Packers are the bane of his being. Music is therapy for Shaun he is a songwriter as well. Catch Shaun riding around on his electric longboard on his way to work or walking around Disney or chilling on the beach on his days off . Catch up on Xbox: SoFlPheenyx & Instagram: ix_shaun_xi “You are responsible for your own happiness”

Paige Pettit aka Sparky Sunshine

Creative Dir.

Paige Pettit is the Creative Director at Geek Street Society and one of the writers.  Originally from California, Paige Pettit loves sea food and the beach.  Having grown up in California as well as having a film savvy family, films has always been a part of her life.  Especially when it comes storytelling.  In 2014, Paige graduated from Fullerton College with an Associates of Arts in Film and Television Production.  Then, in 2017, Paige graduated from the California State University of Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema and Television Arts with an emphasis in Screenwriting and American Studies.  Paige loves writing and is a huge nerd.  When she’s not writing new story ideas or reviews for Geek Street Society, Paige loves playing videogames, watching anime, watching films especially animated films, and reading.  Some of the videogames she really enjoys including Dragon Age, Pokémon, Role Playing Games, Platformers, and any video game with a good story.  Graphics aren’t a key factor in a videogame as long as the story is engaging.  Paige loves watching different types of animes.  Some of her favorite anime genres are Slice of Life and Fantasy.  Films are her bread and butter.  Especially when it comes to animation.  Even a nerd like her loves to cuddle up with a good book.  Her favorite book is “Waterways” By Kyell Gold.  However, she loves to read fantasy and mystery.  Paige promises to bring her knowledge as well as her nerdiness to bring Geek Street Society the best reviews, news articles, and content.

Marc Washington aka Marz Warsh


Alexis “Sexi Lexi” Serrato


Sexi Lexi

Alexis Serrato aka “Sexi Lexi” is our writer for the GSS music category artist submissions she started off as a model turned hip hop artist, to record label owner of SLTEMPIRE over the last 5 years.  Lexi has an expansive background in the music industry and is hyped to learn and write about all the new music and artists in the music scene.


Taylor Cox aka Takazishi Nara


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Music Dir.

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Media Dir.

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