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Geek Street Society Multimedia was founded by Pressley Farrell on May 4th, 2012, in Aurora, CO, and started off as a Facebook group.  Today, GSS’s media platforms include a 24-7 radio station, built-in social networking, social media, video, live events, music, news, and reviews. Our services include advertising and marketing, promotion, and services such as graphic design or photography.  We cover everything from movies, anime, manga, video games, professional wrestling, hip-hop (mainstream and underground), sports, sci-fi, cartoons, and more!

Our mission is to become the most reliable source for entertainment and news in the pop culture and music worlds. We do this by bringing the love and common interests of both together in perfect harmony. The GSS reach is in the 18-45 age range and we are a known brand nationally in both the geek and music communities.



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