SummerSlam has been highly regarded as WWE’s second biggest show of the year following WrestleMania.  Notably SummerSlam has been the event where some of WWE’s biggest moments were taken place at.  This year will be no different as WWE looks to move past the Thunderdome Era and staying on the road admist the pandemic.

SummerSlam is coming our way this weekend with a big punch in terms of big rematches and a couple of dream matches.  They are also bringing in some other matches that aren’t to be taken lightly either.  Another dream match, a tag team bout that has been brewing all summer, and a feud that has a little bit of history with it will go a long way once SummerSlam has concluded.

Photo: WWE

Edge v. Seth Rollins

Whether this is brought up in conversation or written on paper, this match just looks so good.  Edge and Rollins is no doubt a dream match.  Their technical style and similar personality traits (opportunist, anyone?) will absolutely be a factor in who emerges from this match victorious.

Photo: WWE

WWE capitalized on a segment that took place years prior to help further establish this feud.  A match of this caliber doesn’t need a Championship considering the expectations are already high.  The fans will win no matter who is victorious.

Photo: WWE

RKBro v. AJ Styles/Omas

AJ Styles has been riding high since WrestleMania thanks to his colossal tag team partner, Omas.  Omas destroyed the New Day at WrestleMania and has been unbeatable ever since.  Their greatest challenge lies ahead of them at SummerSlam with the turbulent team of RKBro  – Riddle and Randy Orton.

This isn’t Orton’s first dance with tag teams, and he has had the success to prove it.  Considering Raw’s lackluster viewership, the bubbling bromance has been the highlight of the show every week.  Riddle’s role in this story has made him a top Superstar to watch on Raw.  In fact, Riddle had upset Styles for a chance to compete at Money in the Bank.  Hence why there was already resentment on Styles’ end.

The feud itself has been fairly entertaining with fans clamoring for more.  Perhaps we’ll see the odd couple end up with Tag Team gold.

Photo: WWE

Drew McIntyre v. Jinder Mahal

Seven years since the formation of 3MB and how things have changed.  Both McIntyre and Mahal have done well for themselves with WWE Championships to back that up.

This feud has become personal as both men have taken turns at destroying each other and costing Championship opportunities.  Nevermind the other nonsense, Mahal does seem to have a point in the feud being that his WWE Championship dreams were halted.

3MB had a big following back in 2014 which perhaps was a stepping stone in each man’s career.  Even with all of their accomplishments since then, McIntyre and Mahal wants to prove to each other that they’re the bigger man.  Mahal has his cohorts along with him, but McIntyre doesn’t need an army to defeat Mahal.  It’s a match that will depend on wit and seeking out an opening for the win.