Dear wrestling fans and non wrestling fans alike,

My name is PAUL HE-no my name is STONE KING, I am your new reviewer for pro wrestling weekly and this is my first post here !!!!! 🚨

Ayt so Monday Night Raw – let’s recap and talk about it …

Despite sounding like it’s named after a blowjob or eating uncooked meat, I think IN YOUR FACE RAW was awesome from top to bottom !!!!! It kicked off with a great segment featuring the WWE champion Drew McIntyre cutting a promo on The Viper Randy Orton and making the upcoming title match an “Ambulance match” then the unofficial General Manager upped the stakes for his match with Keith Lee later in the night by telling him that if Keith wins, he replaces Randy for the title at CoC (love that abbreviation no homo 😒). Then just as I hoped for, The Hurt Business has a new entrance theme and it’s lit! Cedric looked and sounded great so he definitely deserves this push. Proud of how far he’s come from the cruiserweight title picture !! I’m also loving this new version of Mickie James and her push. She most certainly deserves it and I wouldn’t be mad if she became a transitional champ to end her career on a high. Having said that, that ref needs to be drug tested and fired no cap. I could probably count better than him ffs. I cringed hard.

Now, I wouldn’t be mad at Zelina becoming champ either. She’s been biding her time as the hot and eloquent manager so if she can still go, then she could be a very entertaining and charismatic champ. Lashley dominated as always and I have to say the time for a strong and COLOURED faction is long overdue so can’t wait to see where things go for The Hurt Business – I hope WWE makes great choices with them !!!! Seth is a monster heel 😂 I love it and the cage match was decent as expected. However, I’ve seen A LOT OF PEOPLE talking about how Dominik being on the main roster without any prior experience in the indies or NXT as Rey Mysterio’s son is a form of “nepotism”, etc. Here’s my opinion: In his short tenure he’s paid his dues in some of the most brutal moments I’ve seen in WWE as of late and he’s only what – 23 !? 🤯 I don’t think it would make sense for him to go from his appearances on the main roster as a kid and adult to NXT after the story with his dad so I’m behind Dominik’s push, I respect him, his work thus far and I’m excited to see him in his next feud and win his first championship. Also, we should show Seth some respect for giving Dom the biggest GREEN (next to no pro experience) rub push ever !! It’s a very big deal that Dom is keeping up with someone as experienced and as successful as Seth so he deserves more credit for what he’s done so far!

Raw Underground is getting better every week for me. If I’m not mistaken, Riddick Moss was undefeated till “The monster among men” came along and now we have THE Braun Strowman in the mix! It’s a cool way to give the forgotten and overlooked ones on the roster like Riddick, Dolph and Titus some tv match time – pretty smart !! Love this rapid build up between Drew and Keith. This is awesome! Black vs KO is looking great as expected BUT I feel they should’ve built the anticipation for their first match till CoC and filled the tv time with some people that don’t get as much. That’s why I love AEW. They make you wait and it’s worth it but one thing I respect about WWE is that they respect, highlight AND showcase their women’s division !!!! Having said that, I guess now that Rusev is in AEW, jobbing to Riott Squad and getting Samoan dropped through the announcer’s table by Nia Jax was Lana’s punishment 😂

Then the main event happened and it was DOPE 🔥 as expected. Congrats to Keith on his recent successes – such a great/humble performer and unique personality !!!! So yeah, apart from the main event being SPOILT BY the performance centre rejects, I mean RETRIBUTION, I really enjoyed RAW and I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress.